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A space for students to work with one another and become leaders through networking, community bonding and peer support as well as provide students with leadership opportunities and experience.

Join a cohort on your campus and take advantage of everything that this inclusive group has to offer.

Become a Cohort Leader at your School
Build Your Leadership Skills
Once you have been a cohort member for a year, you can be selected to become the leader at your campus

“The members of the Peer Network at CSU have make it easier for me to navigate class schedules and find resources available to students like me.”


Student Voices

“I really enjoy being a cohort leader at UCD. I have met many wonderful friends as a result of my involvement here.”


“I really like going to the events hosted by the cohorts, my favorite is Thanksgiving dinner and bowling with all the students from different schools.”



Have questions? Take a look – if the answer is not there, please reach out!


We know the first year in college can be full of challenges!

By joining a cohort on your campus you have access to a supportive group of students who will happily answer any questions and offer you many tips and tricks about your school, classes, professors, majors, scholarships, etc. 

Our students are fun and committed to creating a safe space for you!

All you need is to contact Nancy Kearney at: nkearney@theambassadorfoundation.org and she will connect you with a leader from your campus!

Once you have been part of the cohort for a full year, and have demonstrated the capacity and interest to become a leader, you are able to apply or the previous leader will have an opportunity to appoint you!

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