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Opening Doors To Higher Education

Our Mission

Opening doors to higher education for Colorado students throughout their post-secondary journey through graduation. Building community while enriching the lives of families, fellow students, and those who follow.

Who We Serve

We welcome students 15 years and older from traditionally under-represented populations who seek advice and assistance with all aspects of the college application process, leadership development, and graduation. We include refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers & asylees, DACA, undocumented, students from multi-cultural homes, first generation, and multi-language speakers.

Our Programs

College Advising

This program serves individuals interested in pursuing a degree or certificate in higher education.

Leadership & Scholarship

A 2 part program designed for high school juniors that focuses on College Prep and Leadership skills. First award is a 4-year needs-based in state scholarship.


Access to paid internships through the Ambassador Foundation and other organizations.

Peer Networking

Campus Cohorts with Leaders on each campus

"Being a first generation college graduate I know the importance of support while navigating the higher education system. It's an honor for me to be in a position to inspire and empower students in transforming their futures."

Marius Finch
Executive Director

What Students Say About Us

Our Impact

We strongly believe in the “Pay It Forward” philosophy.